Protect Your Buying Costs in Portugal

How To Protect Your Property Costs

When buying property in Portugal, the two most common mistakes people make are thinking about

currency transfer towards the end stages of the buying process and mistakenly turning to high street

banks for help, resulting in them losing thousands to bad exchange rates and currency market


Opening a free account with an International Money Transfer Specialist at the beginning of your

overseas property journey gives you access to a personal Currency Expert who will help protect your

property costs. If you are unfamiliar with sending money overseas, your high-street bank would

seem to be the obvious choice, but their fees and poor exchange rates make them costly.

An International Money Transfer Specialist has several benefits over your high-street bank, which


  1. Protect your property costs against currency market volatility and excellent exchange rates
  2. A personal Currency Expert providing tailored guidance through the whole process
  3. Ease and convenience – Access to your account over the phone or online 24/7
  4. Access to a range of solutions to ensure you optimise your budget

Whether a deposit followed by a balance, stage payments on new build or mortgage payments, an

international money transfer will walk you through the solutions that best meet your requirements.

Greg Smith at Hawk FX – International Money Transfer Experts, is responsible for helping our clients

protect their property costs. For more information or a quote for your upcoming currency transfer,