is a beautiful city located approximately one hour north from the city of Lisbon. It is close to beaches all along the Silver Coast. The city proper has a population of 15,800 residents and the municipality of Alcobaca numbers 56,693 residents and covers an area of 408.14km².

The best known building of significance in Alcobaca is, of course, the absolutely stunning Alcobaca Monastery. The first king of Portugal, Afonso Henriques, alcobaca monastery built a church to commemorate the Conquest of Santarem, from the Moors, in 1147. This Church later became the Monastery as it stands today. It is considered to be one of the best examples of gothic monuments in the country of Portugal. The monastery has, over the years become a vital and intricate part of community life throughout this area.

The city itself is filled with scenic streets lined with beautiful buildings displaying architecture and culture from the past – many of the buildings have been restored and kept true to their original facades. There are many cafes where you can sit and relax and take in the beauty of the city. The people are friendly and like nothing better than to practice their English while serving you delicious Portuguese coffees and pastries or showing you the colourful pottery on display throughout this entire area.

Forming the municipality, the area is divided into 13 civil parishes, each having their own unique histories and landscapes.

  1. Alcobaca and Vestiaria

  2. Alfeizerao

  3. Aljubarrota

  4. Barrio

  5. Benedita

  6. Cela

  7. Coz, Alpedriz and Montes

  8. Evora de Alcobaca

  9. Maiorga

  10. Pataias and Martinganza

  11. Sao Martinho do Porto

  12. Turquel

  13. Vimeiro

Not far from the centre of Alcobaca there are other other areas worthy of a visit.


  • Just 20 minutes north of Alcobaca is the stunning Monastery of Batalha

  • 15 minutes west is the resort town of Nazare with its stunning beaches and surf

  • 30 minutes south is the bustling town of Caldas da Rainha

  • 40 minutes south is the fabulous medieval town of Obidos

  • One hour south is the city of Lisbon and the International Airport

The whole area of Alcobaca has the beautiful backdrop of the Candeeiros Mountains and the Nature Reserve Parque Natural das Serras de Aire e Candeeiros. This is an area covering 389km² of stunning landscapes and an area that is also known for it’s many underground caverns – the best known of these is the Grutas de Mira de Aire Caves that consists of caverns with stalactites, stalagmites, lakes and where you can enjoy music and a light finale.


  • Alcobaca has all facilities expected of a good sized town in Portugal.

  • Schools providing education from Creches right through to Secondary School

  • Public swimming pool offering open swimming sessions and a variety of classes.

  • Gyms and tennis courts

  • Spa hotel and resort where you can enjoy a day of a full holiday of pampering

  • A thriving and expanding cultural events calendar

  • Hosting a variety of performing and visual arts groups throughout the year

  • A weekly flea market held every Monday

  • Two annual fairs, one held in August and one in October

  • An antique market is held in the town on the third Saturday of each month

  • Several very well stocked garden centres

A plethora of areas around the city itself provides access to locals manufacturing beautiful pottery where you can see the manufacturing process and see the pieces being individually painted. There are also large shopping areas and malls throughout (although personally, digging through the fabulous old shops that line the road north out of Alcobaca and above Aljubarrota is one of my favourite pastimes)

Alcobaca has an attractive municipal park that incorporates a children's play area and a number of exercise machines for adults.

Close to, and within, the town centre it will be easy to find almost anything on your shopping list as well as services you may require;

  • Doctors

  • Dentists

  • Pharmacies

  • Veterinarians

  • Hairdressers

  • Supermarkets – Pingo Doce, Intermarche, Continente, Lidl

Alcobaca is a busy and friendly city where you will find friendly resident, beautiful scenery, easy access to transportation links, easy access to beaches and entertainment.

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