D7 Visa Portugal

The D7 Visa in Portugal, otherwise known as the Portugal Passive Income Visa, is an excellent option for non-European Union individuals who would like to relocate to Portugal. Portugal is a beautiful, vibrant place that many people, such as retirees or business people, seek to make a home if that sounds like you, keep reading to learn how the D7 Portuguese Visa works and what you need to do to apply!

How It Works

In short, the D7 Portuguese Visa allows non-EU citizens to become residents of Portugal. But there's a catch—you must be able to fund yourself. That's why it is a popular choice for retirees as well as people who make passive income. 

It is relatively easy to apply for a D7 Visa. The requirements include: 

  • Apply for a temporary D7 visa from your country of residence. You will be sent a temporary Visa that will allow you to travel to Portugal to finish the rest of the process. 
  • Make an appointment with Portuguese Immigration (SEF) to have the D7 Visa approved. 

It can be renewed after a year, with the two successive two-year visas eventually converting into a permanent residency if that's what you would like. With Portugal being the third safest country globally and home to beautiful beaches and vibrant, active culture, it's an option that many people take. You would even have the ability to apply for Portuguese nationality provided you fulfil the requirements for it. 

Who Can Apply?

Non-EU individuals can apply for the D7 Portuguese Visa. 

You must also have enough funds to pay for yourself while you are in Portugal—you may not actively seek income. That means your retirement funds, passive income, or another income source must be able to sustain your lifestyle while you live in Portugal under the D7 Visa. 

Other requirements include: 

  • An up-to-date passport
  • No criminal records
  • Health insurance
  • Reside for at least 183 days in Portugal
  • Be able to show proof of a home or different living situation before moving to Portugal


Living in Portugal through the D7 Visa has many perks, including: 

  • Living in one of the safest countries in the world
  • Benefiting from excellent Portuguese health care and education systems
  • Bringing the whole family with you
  • Quick processing of your Visa

Want to learn more about the D7 Portuguese Visa? Or perhaps you have questions about other programs available to both EU and non-EU members, including the Non-Habitual Residency and Golden Residency. P.P.Property is a premier Estate agents company dedicated to helping you find the best locations across Portugal for the best price. Reach out to us today for a free consultation!


The Non-Habitual Residency is for EU, EEA, or Swiss residents only. This allows those citizens to live income tax-free in Portugal potentially. 

The D7 Visa is ideal for retirees or people who earn passive incomes. It is a fixed residency and requires applicants to make a certain amount of money. 

The Golden Visa allows you to become a resident through investment. You are not required to live in Portugal to take advantage of this Visa.