Central Portugal Ansião Stone build renovation project about 2km from the town of Ansião.

Carlos Rogrigues Sales Team

Stone build renovation project about 2km from the town of Ansião.

Central Portugal Ansião


 Stone build renovation project about 2km from the town of Ansião.

This House is situated in a small village about  km from the town of Ansião, where you can find everything you need for your daily-life, such as health centre, schools, Supermarkets, Restaurants, pharmacy, banks etc. As well as quick and easy road connections to all directions in Portugal.

This House is divided into ground floor and first floor and annex connected to the main house.

On the ground floor there is:

-2 Small bedrooms.

-A spacious living room.

-A small old kitchen.

This area of the House should in my opinion be redesigned in order to make it more practical and comfortable, with wider open spaces. There are 2 small bedrooms that can easily be transformed into only one, knocking down the interior wall that divides them, leaving only one, but with much more space, that could even be rebuilt as a suite. Or even forget about bedrooms in this area of the House and increase the area of the living room, obtaining in this way a great new living-space, comfortable and spacious. The kitchen is small and old, needs total renovation. In my opinion this area of the House which is situated at the main entrance could be renovated and transformed into a beautiful entrance Hall, and the kitchen be rebuilt in the annex next door that may have direct access to the main house.

On the first floor there is:

-3 bedrooms.

-A small room.

This area of the House, includes 3 bedrooms and the small room, but for those who do not need so many bedrooms may also redraw these spaces according to your taste, and may for example build a panoramic up Livingroom, overlooking the land-plot and surrounding landscape, keeping only with 2 bedrooms.

-Attached to the main house there is a very wide annex, who worked as a storage/multifaceted space. In my opinion this is the ideal space to rebuild a modern kitchen and a new bathroom, given that in the House there is not one at the moment, and create a direct connection to the main house, obtaining in this way a perfect and harmonious set between the two spaces, which would increase the future value of the property.

In general we can say that this House and the all building area has great potential, which could be exploited in its fullness by someone who has in mind an ambitious renovation dream project and to turn it in to reality. The walls of the House are in very good condition, considering the aging. The roof though not in bad shape, maybe needs some intervention. In my opinion the renovation effort will be centered on the interior spaces of the House, and in the annex, which will have to be redesigned and modernized.

The property includes an excellent land-plot, practically flat, with about of 1900m2, very fertile and easy to work with, since it is not rocky. In this land there are 3 wells, that capture rainwater, they have no source, but that usually hold enough water to irrigate the entire field. In one of the edges of the land there are some olive trees, but not many. You will be able in the future to plant many other trees of your one choice.

This property is situated on a high point, with great views all around and very sunny during the whole day, ideal for dreaming and be amazed by the colors and shapes of the landscape surrounding you.

Excellent opportunity for those looking for a large renovation project, with the typical characteristics of a traditional Portuguese House from the mid-20 century.


Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 0 Not furnished House 340 sq. m Land Size M²: 1980 Floor: 0 / 2 Year built: – R-411