Central Portugal Ansião Renovation project approximately 2km distance from the small town of Ansião.

Carlos Rogrigues Sales Team

Renovation project approximately 2km distance from the small town of Ansião.

Central Portugal Ansião Ansiao Central Portugal Portugal


Renovation project approximately 2km distance from the small town of Ansião.

This House is situated in a small village calm and relaxing about 2km from Ansião, where you can find everything you need for your daily-life, such as Supermarkets, pharmacy, health centre, schools, banks, restaurants, swimming pools etc. As well as quick and easy road connections to all the directions in Portugal.

The House is divided into the basement and ground floor.

The basement is divided into two separate areas, one part includes ample space where they use to keep domestic animals with a higher space, built in wood in a mezzanine style, where they stored agricultural products. On the opposite side and separated by a stone wall there is another space, also used as an area where they stored grain.

This basement area is especially interesting, as you can see the large rocks on which the House was built. This part of the House offers enormous potential and solutions to be rebuilt with nice taste and originality, as the personal projects of each person.

The ground floor is divided into:

-3 bedrooms.

-2 small living-rooms.

-An old kitchen with wood-burning oven.

-An old bathroom.

This area of the House keeps still a certain charm of years 50 from the 20 century, when it was built. The House is spacious, but the way is divided on the interior, shows too many relatively small spaces. May be advised, reshape and redesign the all inside area, demolishing some secondary walls in order to obtain wider and comfortable spaces, so that you can enjoy all the existing potential. The old kitchen must be completely renovated, to make it more modern, practical and functional, has however features like wood-burning oven and fireplace for example, which may be maintained in order to preserve the antique charm. The bathroom, old and not very functional, is located in an exterior area separate from the main house, will be necessary to create a solution that can facilitate a more comfortable and practical access to it, or build a new one.

In general we can say that this House has a lot of originality and potential, the walls built in stone though ancient, are very well preserved and steady. The roof also. In my opinion a big financial investment will not be required in order to renew this House, to make it completely habitable and cosy. There is a touch of charm in this House, including the location, as it is situated in a high-plan within a forest of Oaks and olive trees well cared for, that conveys a sense of some mysticism.

Although very private the House isn't completely isolated since there are neighbours close-by.

The property includes a land with about of 1500m2, a beet inclined on the upper-side, but it will go flat as you walk down in to the small water stream which runs at the limit of the property boundaries, but that only have running-water during the fall/winter. On this land there are several very old Oaks and centenarian olive trees.

This property in my opinion has a special character and an unusual mystical-charm.

The access are not very good, given the location site of the House, there are two rural paths that connect to the House, but that allows the entrance and exit of vehicles, even the bigger ones for the required renovation works.

The House has electricity, water and telephone connections, but they need to be renovated.

This is a unique opportunity to purchase the house of your dreams, with a great charm and character, in a discreet mystical location.

Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 1 Not furnished House 87 sq. m Land Size M²: 1460 Floor: 0 / 2 Year built: 1953 R-403