Central Portugal Tomar Project to build Hotel in Tomar in Central Portugal

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Project to build Hotel in Tomar in Central Portugal

Central Portugal Tomar Tomar


Project to build Hotel in Tomar in Central Portugal


Plot of land with 8,320 m2, located in Tomar, with a superb view under the Convent of Christ and the Castle of the Templars.


Land Area: 8.320m2

Construction Area: 2.248m2


We want an investor / buyer who can realize this project / concept in its entirety so that, in addition to allowing us to send the project to you, we are available for any approach that you deem appropriate.

The aforementioned property, at the moment, is licensed by the Municipality of Tomar, for the construction of 9 dwellings in private condominium.

However, after a market study, we conceived a new concept (currently with the approved building area) for the construction of a 5-star Hotel with 30 rooms, Spa, Restaurant, Kids Club, Gym and Outdoor Pool, and all facilities in keeping with a hotel of this magnitude, destined to national clients, but also to foreign clients.

We are certain that the scarcity that exists in this central part of Portugal of hotel units of this magnitude, coupled with the good moment in terms of attractiveness for European and Asian foreign tourists, will bring excellent prospects to investment in this business area.

On the other hand, and not least, it is the privileged geographical location of the city of Tomar and as a consequence of the property: the city is served by the A13 and IC9, meaning that Lisbon is an hour away, the coast and the Beaches to forty-five minutes and the Port about 2 hours away.

In addition, there is the idyllic and tranquil nature of Tomar, which, due to its history and culture, is already a relevant tourist attraction. It should also be mentioned that Tomar is located about 30 m from the Sanctuary of Fatima, thus enhancing religious tourism.

In the vicinity (about 1000 m) of the future Hotel, there are the famous Hotel of the Templars and the remarkable Estalagem de Santa Iria, excellent hotels that enhance the new space by the contrast that create between an architecture of another time and another contemporary and innovative.

For all this we believe that the investment in a new 5 star Hotel in the "Nabão River banks" seems highly desirable and with high rates of profitability.




The concept that organizes the Hotel de Tomar is one that characterizes the brand-new generation of Boutique Hotels: the so-called "affordable luxury" hotels.

Although it fulfills the classic requirements of 5-star hotels, the "luxury" of these hotels does not lie in the large size of their spaces or expensive materials, but rather in the quality and particularity of the personal experiences they stimulate.

It is based on the mix of people who interact in it: customers, visitors and the inhabitants of Tomar that merges in the common spaces, making them "public".

They are the revenues from the exploitation of their public spaces that allow to reduce the costs of the rooms, thus making the luxury more "accessible"

These are the principles, coupled with the quality of the design and the services they offer, which characterize the vitality and originality of this new offer, appropriate for an increasingly diversified and demanding type of visitor.

The expression of these concepts translates into an architecture strongly linked to the terrain, sustainable, with lawns of which emerge the forms in concrete in sight and wood.

An organic architecture that hides most of the buildings and highlights the essential: the block of the rooms, a viewpoint focused on the beautiful profiles of the City.

Typically the hotel has 2 distinct sectors,

- The private sector of the 30 rooms with excellent sun exposure, views and balconies

- The "public" sector consisting of the continuity of a large open space that extends through the Ground Floor, sometimes becoming the multipurpose spaces of the Atrium / Reception, the Multipurpose Room,

Gym / Spa and Bar / Restaurant (which is intended for high quality and originality for Tomar).

Both the outdoor swimming pool and the esplanades and gardens increase visually and functionally the size of the interior spaces and stand on the stage of the said mixture, essential factor to materialize the concept of this last generation of hotels.

Bedrooms: 0 Bathrooms: 0 Not furnished Hotel 2248 sq. m Land Size M²: 8320 Floor: 0 / 0 Year built: – TZ237