Silver Coast São Martinho do Porto Magnificent Estate with Large Villa, Pool, amazing Views and Forest fenced and walled.

Guiomar Sugden Sales Team

Magnificent Estate with Large Villa, Pool, amazing Views and Forest fenced and walled.

Silver Coast São Martinho do Porto sao martinho


Fall in love with the place and the view of this magnificent Quinta (Small Esate) right next to the beach of S. Martinho do Porto!
Consisting of T6 villa with 3 floors, all in unevenness accompanying the land, with 2 kitchens, 1 large lounge facing a terrace with an ectasiaste view over the countryside and the sea.

The house was never inhabited, but the floor of the rooms and the Fittings of the main kitchen are missing.

The whole area around the house is made of Portuguese sidewalk and cobble stone, the rest of the land is extremely beautiful and composed of a panoply of garden shrubs, wild shrubs, fruit trees, picnic area with barbecue and tables with wooden benches a leisure area with swimming pool and garden and a magnificent pine forest with pedestrian paths where you can walk on foot listening to the song of birds of various species, watching the squirrels and brave rabbits that live there and looking at the sea of ​​S. Martinho do Porto ... and feeling essentially nature as a whole ...

The whole lot is fenced and walled. It has automatic gate in the entrance and garage for 3 cars also with automatic gate.

The whole lot has lighting. It has a hole and watering. It has a septic tank.

If you want an investment for tourism, this property is excellent, since in addition to the 605sq.m of construction, you can also develop agri-tourism or housing tourism, and you can place bungalows for example, being a project that the owner would have in mind if he wants the property...

The location is prime, being about 10 min from S. Martinho do Porto beach!

Total Rooms: 8
Total Area (sq.m): 605
Gross Private Area (sq.m): 605
Rooms: 6
Bathrooms: 3
W.C: 1
Lot Size (mt2): 17000
Year of Construction: 2005
Details Divisions:
Garage, 48.36 m2 in the basement
Dining Room, 44.54 m2 in the basement
Bathroom, 4.37 m2 in the basement
Other, 15.81 m2 machine room (in the basement)
Other, 4 m2 porch (R / Floor)
Hall, 15.10 m2 R / Floor
Living Room, 84.63 m2 R / Floor
Corridor, 5.82 m2 R / Floor
Corridor, 8.88 m2 Ground Floor
Corridor, 8.57 m2 R / Floor
Kitchen, 23.76 m2 R / Floor
Storeroom, 5.67 m2 R / Floor
Office Space, 13.04 m2 R / Floor
Other, 3.20 m2 distribution area (R / Floor)
Other, 2.40 m2 porch (R / Floor)
Other, 10.05 m2 hall (R / Floor)
Bathroom, 12.79 m2 R / Floor
Room, 27.53 m2 Ground Floor
Bedroom, 12 m2 Ground Floor
Room, 13.86 m2 Ground Floor
Other, 172.63 m2 porch (R / Floor)
Other, 18.05 m2 circulation area (1st floor)
Room, 11.83 m2 First floor
Room, 10.08 m2 1st floor
Bathroom, 2.94 m2 1st floor
Balcony, 7.60 m2 First floor

Bedrooms: 6 Bathrooms: 4 Not furnished House 605 sq. m Land Size M²: 17000 Floor: 0 / 3 Year built: 2005 GS-54