Central Portugal Ansião Habitable stone built house near Ansião.

Carlos Rogrigues Sales Team

Habitable stone built house near Ansião.

Central Portugal Ansião Ansiao Centro Portugal


Habitable stone built house near Ansião.

This House is situated in a small village about 5km from the small town of Ansião, where you can find everything you need for your daily-life, such as, health centre, Supermarkets, banks, schools, Restaurants, public swimming pool etc. As well as easy and fast road connections to all directions in Portugal.

We can divide this House in two distinct parts.

Part 1:

House with ground floor and first floor.

-The ground floor consists of a large space, with a door to the outside, where once they use to store the main agricultural products, such as olive oil, wine etc. This space features excellent options to be renovated, and transformed into a special place, that can function as cinema-room for example, or for other options, according to your personal taste.

-On the first floor there are 4 bedrooms, with small dimensions, which can be changed in there design if you want to create only 2 bedrooms with a larger dimension for example, being only necessary to change two interior walls, built with materials easy to demolish and that are not structural.

Part 2:

-This other part of the House is a ground floor, with direct connection with the first part, through a stone staircase that gives access to a recently renovated habitable space, where there are:

-A hall.

-One bedroom.

-A kitchen.

-One bathroom with shower.

This area of the House has been recently renovated, and after a deep cleaning can be inhabited immediately. Which is a great asset, since it will aloud you to live in the House, while with time and tranquility you may proceed with the modernization of the remaining existing spaces, and give them your personal touch.

The House has electricity, water and telephone, but given the aging, may be necessary to proceed to their renewal.

The property also includes a land with about 2000m2 registered, where there is a beautiful old threshing circle, where there were worked the cereals harvested in backyard, completely built in stone and in itself a real piece of art. In this flat terrain there are several fruit trees, such as orange, olive trees, Oak etc. A true lush botanical garden in your backyard space. The surrounding landscape is wonderful, east-facing with a beautiful mountain range and with a wide-open deep South/West view. Sunlight is constant throughout the day until it merges into the horizon, in an unrivaled sunset, for a perfect end of the day.

This is a unique opportunity to acquire your dream home, in a magnificent, romantic, secret place of Portugal.


Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 1 Not furnished House 225 sq. m Land Size M²: 2799 Floor: 0 / 2 Year built: 1937 R-409