Lisbon Mafra Fabulous historic farmhouse near Mafra-Lisbon.

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Fabulous historic farmhouse near Mafra-Lisbon.

Lisbon Mafra


Quinta das Acácias, with its Solar and Chapel, dates from 1713, having withstood the devastation caused by the 1755 earthquake, which tragically devastated Lisbon and the entire area around it. Located at the top of the hill overlooking the Serra do Socorro, this farmhouse has a breathtaking view, a privileged point of reference for the communication and observation station of the Lines of Torres Vedras. The Chapel of Nª Srª do Socorro, and some buildings were the headquarters of the Duke of Wellington during the French invasion, known locally as "The Eagle's Nest of Wellington".

The parish of Azueira was once very prosperous and vital in both political and economic terms. 

Many farms in the area belonged to prominent members of society; Quinta das Acácias was one of them. The Quinta belonged to the Brunette Gorjão family, the last of the family; a widow died in the mid-twentieth century, leaving no descendants.

The farmhouse and the chapel maintain the original architecture, features, materials and constructive elements.

The last owners made some adjustments and restorations, keeping the original design and some ceilings, floors, stonework, sculptures, and tiles of the time.

Independent from Solar and Capela, there are leisure and support facilities, such as:

• Rustic house for caretakers, close to the service entrance of the farm (old iron gate), located in a strategic location.

• Stables with "boxes", harness room, storage for straw and feed, arena with sound system, changing rooms for animals, support facilities for handlers, riders and "Paddock".

• Small sports park with a multipurpose rink for skating, volleyball, basketball, futsal or tennis.

• Small playground.

• Boxes for service vehicles and agricultural implements.

• Capoeiras(Space for birds), two side vegetable gardens, very varied fruit trees; hidden by hedges and vines.

• Lake with artificial island and vegetation suitable for birds, reptiles and other exotic animals. • Unusual well, accessible up to the water level through masonry stairs, with an engraving of the year of construction (1713).

• Water mine dug into the rock, with a spring, whose underground reservoir has a protected esplanade with a railing, providing enjoyable visits, especially in the summertime.

• A fountain with bronze sculptures of incredible beauty and artistic value, with several fountains.

• A swimming pool with a large spout, surrounding marble floor with non-slip treatment and balconies overlooking stunning landscapes.

• Vast area of ​​the farm is landscaped with lawn and lush vegetation.

• Between the main and service gate is the old mill and warehouse, this building benefits from hosting all sorts of parties and social gatherings. One can imagine roasting hams and sausages huddled around the log fires, which can burn for days while also smoking various meats.

This building includes a support kitchen, two mezzanine bedrooms, pantries, wine cellars, two bathrooms and an interior connection to the main garage, accommodating nine cars.

The owners of the Quinta open the Capela to the People on occasions of worship. These well-attended events do provide an income. 

Continuing the visit, we have five suites, three lounges, a vast dining room, office, two standard bedrooms, six bathrooms, an expansive and characteristic old fully adapted kitchen, pantry and laundry area. The main ensuite opens onto a panoramic terrace/solarium, with a view of the entire farm and Serra do Socorro and its Ermida as a battleground right in front of us (truly stunning landscapes).

Also noteworthy is that the thresholds, stairs, lintels, some benches, and other stonework are in original stone, along with some of the floors. Also original are some wooden ceilings and floors, recovered and treated. Interestingly, all the windows that have side benches in stone, characteristic of the time, are also called conversation chairs.

Many tile panels with religious motifs and others in use at the time enrich interior and exterior walls, stone niches and alabaster complete the decorative details, presumably also of original construction, some with sculptures.

The historical references around this farm, its families, French invasions, geographic involvement, ethnography and others are so vast that it will be worth approaching and deepening them as a matter of interest or merely out of curiosity.

In addition to strictly residential use, Quinta das Acácias is an excellent place for holding events, especially weddings, celebrated in the chapel. Accommodation for newlyweds and guests, and the grounds are not lacking in pleasant spaces, landscaped, with a vast swimming pool, lakes and fountains, plus the equestrian and sports side. Great place for birthday parties, bachelor parties, group meetings, companies, and much more.

This estate provides a unique opportunity to acquire a historic property full of mysticism.

Bedrooms: 11 Bathrooms: 5 Not furnished House 641 sq. m Land Size M²: 7794 Floor: 0 / 0 Year built: 1713 R-510