Central Portugal Ansião 2 bedrooms house with a possibility of business

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2 bedrooms house with a possibility of business

Central Portugal Ansião


This property, in Alvorge, Ansião, has a house on the first floor, an attic and the ground floor now is used as business shop.




Ground Floor:


-2 large rooms

-1 service bathroom


1st Floor:


-2 bedrooms

-1 kitchen

-1 living room

-1 room

-1 bathroom




A huge possibility of business in Alvorge with the house on the 1st floor. There is no connection with the store and the house. The entrance to the house is done by an independent door, so it's possible to rent the house.


The store contains one door to one room and a gate to another room. The rooms have conexion from the inside.


About the house, after taking the stairs, there is a hall, on the left, there is the kitchen and on the right 2 bedrooms. Inside the kitchen it’s possible to find a door to the terrace with the barbeque and a the stairs to the attic.


Taking the hall again, after the door to the kitchen, on the left, there is another door to the barbeque and a door to a room, that know it’s empty.

At the end of the hall the door to the left goes to the bathroom and the door to the right goes to the living room.


This house comes with the furniture, the store comes empty.

Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1 Furnished House 99 sq. m Land Size M²: 198 Floor: 0 / 2 Year built: – S-1057