Central Portugal Pombal Fantastic 20 hectares farm with enormous potential for touristic project.

Sarah Keogh Sales Team

Fantastic 20 hectares farm with enormous potential for touristic project.

Central Portugal Pombal


This fantastic farm has an area of ​​about 20 hectares. Throughout the property, you will find already all of the basic infrastructure necessary for the construction of housing areas. The farm has already some built structures.

This project is located in a central part of Portugal, in the vicinity of the city of Pombal. At the moment, the farm has a pending project of approval by the chamber for a touristic village. This project contemplates the license for up to 30 housing spaces since, the property has a construction area of ​​4000m².

Throughout the farm basic infrastructures have already been done, such as plumbing (water for the property is provided through a borehole at the top of the property from which it is distributed to the remaining farm through a freefall system, thus allowing efficiency in Water distribution, it also has an auxiliary pump in case of fire, if more water pressure is needed. Fire hydrants are available and can be found throughout the property).Electrical grid (already placed to withstand any future constructions), sewers and outdoor lighting are already in place (all outdoor lighting stations have independent circuit breakers to prevent widespread problems).


The view from the air

Other structures such as swimming pools are already practically completed and will be concluded before the end of the aimed business (Salt water pool with all equipment included). Also the building that assists the pool will be complete, with bathhouse and attributes that will allow to create in that space a bar or some other desired functionality.

A common kitchen / canteen and barbecue is also already erected and complete on the property.

At the top of the property lies the "Machinery House" where the water tank of the borehole lies, also, the water pump as well as the access to the valves of water distribution by the property.

All animals are properly fenced and each has its own corral, there is also a stable on the property.

Ground View video

Throughout the farm it is easy to verify that the work done is of high quality, as well as of all the materials used.

On the farm, hundreds of vines have been planted to imitate the vineyards on the slopes of the Douro River, it is estimated that the vineyard within 3 years will produce about 3500 litres of red wine, annually.

Also, on the farm you will find planted olive groves as well as "pieces" of typically Portuguese forest where there is the abundant fauna and flora characteristic of the region.


The property is in a privileged place enjoying the calm and privacy of the countryside and offering long-range views to all the surrounding hills.

All animals on the farm are included in the deal.

This property in the state in which it is, allows the new owner a range of options, namely the creation of a farm, tourist project, property for independent housing, the possibilities are several.

The value is negotiable.

Bedrooms: 0 Bathrooms: 0 Not furnished Development 200000 sq. m Land Size M²: 200000 Floor: 0 / 0 Year built: – S-1025