Central Portugal Castanheira de Pêra 4 bedrooms house ready to move in close to Castanheira de Pera.

Carlos Rogrigues Sales Team

4 bedrooms house ready to move in close to Castanheira de Pera.

Central Portugal Castanheira de Pêra


4 bedrooms house ready to move in close to Castanheira de Pera.


This House is situated in a small village about 2km from the Centre of the small town of Castanheira, where you can find everything you need for your daily-life, such as, health centre, Supermarkets, banks, restaurants, schools etc. There are also quick and easy road connections to all directions in Portugal.

This house is divided into:

-Ground floor.

-1st floor.


The ground floor is divided into:

-A kitchen.

-A Livingroom.

-A large space of Winery/wine cellar.

This area of the House is in good condition, but would benefit with some modification on the design of these spaces, especially in the kitchen/living room area, perhaps some changes in there configuration by adding a modern twist to the spaces. The Winery/wine cellar offers a typical and traditional touch to the House, maybe you should keep as it is. Attached to the House there is a garage with enough space for at least one car. The access is made through a small side road.

Through a small outdoor staircase we have access to the first floor, which is divided into:

-2 bedrooms.

-2 living-rooms.

-A kitchen with fireplace.

-A bathroom with bathtub.

-A storage Room space.

This area of the House, is also ready to move in, but in my opinion also would benefit with some changes in the spaces design, for example there are 2 small living-rooms divided only by a single wall, which could be easily demolished, thus creating a single room more spacious, comfortable, "freeing space", and thus getting new different sensations with this space. The bedrooms are not very large but comfortable and practical. The floor of the bedrooms and the living-rooms are wood-made. The kitchen is comfortable and practical, and is functional, but requires some modernization, in order to make it more in line with modern times. In one of the corners there is a small fireplace that warms this area of the first floor. The bathroom is spacious and has a bath-tube, works nicely, but with time, maybe you should change some of the equipment, sink etc. And add a personal touch. Finally we have the room/Storage, which has been used to keep clothes, do the tasks related to the daily maintenance of the House etc. But that can be adapted and used according to the needs and desires of each person.

-Finally we have the area of the Attic, which was completely renovated, adapted and divided in two large bedrooms at the moment, with direct connection to a magnificent South-facing panoramic terrace, where you can enjoy the amazing idyllic views, to the mountains that surround this property, and to the Valley, which stretches to the bottom, crossed by a small river, and whose sound of his running waters can be heard on the sunny days/ afternoons, that you may enjoy on this fantastic space. If you want you can change these interior (the bedrooms) spaces and used them according to the wishes or personal projects you may have, in order to extract the maximum potential from what exists.

This property also includes a land with about of 560m2, where there are some fruit trees and is divided by pillars with network, and vines planted there, from where you can pick grapes at the right season. And maybe dare to try do your own wine…

The House is located almost at the end of the land, and access can be done through a gate with direct connection to the main road or through the garage with direct access to a small side street.

This whole area is very calm and beautiful, with great views around. The village of Castanheira is only about 2km distance, and there you may enjoy the famous River Beach, very popular during the summer especially.

This can be a unique opportunity to acquire your dream home, in a stunning and original area of Portugal.


Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 1 Not furnished House 88 sq. m Land Size M²: 560 Floor: 0 / 3 Year built: – R-410